Software Features

Desking & Sales Calculations

All types of sale transactions, no separate modules to purchase!

Multipliable Sales Screens

InterActive gives you the ability to work multiple sales transactions at the same time and switch sales from one screen to another without re-entering information.

  • Cash Sales
  • Wholesale Sales
  • Outside Financed Sales
  • Buy Here Pay Here Sales
  • Outside Leasing Sales
  • Lease to Own Sales
  • Rent to Own

Quick Roll Features

From any sales calculation screen simply enter the bottom line and InterActive will roll all sales numbers back to the sales price.

Use some of our additional roll features like:

  • Need to adjust the payment amount you can roll the differences into sales price, cash on delivery or adjust APR.
  • Need to set the payment to a whole payment amount for your buy here pay here customers, just type the payment and InterActive will set the number of payments to meet the need.

Deal Recap (Washout)

Deal Recap allows you to set the cost associated with any of your additional products you sell and link them to your vendors and service providers.

See and calculate all related cost to arrive at a true profit and loss per sale.

Interactively make informative decisions.

User Access control allows who sees what and how the sale is structured.

Pop Up Calculators

Pop Up Calculators are designed especially for:

  • Estimating Trade In Payoffs
  • Finance Reserves
  • Sale Discounts
  • Commissions
  • Quick Payment Quotes

We make working with InterActive DMS easy and effective.

Software Screenshots

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