Vehicle Inventory Management System

Entering a New Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle inventory. How to keep track of expenses such as repairs to know your vehicle's cost. Automatic VIN decoder and interior and exterior features to print Window Stickers. Printing the required Buyer's Guide.

Car Inventory Management System

Company Setups

Initial Set Up of your dealership in InterActive DMS. Standard Fees charged to the buyers. Default lists of makes, models, body types and colors. Default Buyers Guide listing of dealer warranties.

Used Car Dealer Management Software

New Employees and User Access

Adding new employees to the program and assigning to them various levels of permissions as what they can and can not do.

Dealer Management Software

Vendor & Suppliers and Finance Companies

Adding a list of Vendors, Warranty Companies, Insurance Companies, Floor Plan Companies, Wholesalers and Finance Companies, including a Related Finance Company.

Car Dealer Inventory Management Software

Adding Additional Forms to the Form Packs

Adding additional forms to the Form Packs from the InterActive DMS library: a Plain Paper form and an OKI printer form. Adjusting printing margins.

Car Inventory Software

Cash Sale

Making a Cash Sale: How to accept two down payments using two different methods. Printing receipts.

Vehicle Inventory Software

Wholesale Sale

Entering a Wholesale Sale, such as to another dealer or to a wholesaler.

Car Inventory Management Software

Bulk Wholesale Sale

Transferring multiple sales from being owed to your dealership to a finance company, such as your Related Finance Company.

Car Dealer Inventory Software

Outside Finance Sale

Entering banks and other financial institutions; third party companies for Extended Service and other services for the buyer; the cost to buyer and the dealer's cost and profit for these services; salespersons's commissions. Printing forms.

Buy Here Pay Here Software

Buy Here Pay Here Sale

Buyer check off driver's license, credit report, OFAC report, references. Printing forms.

Used Car Dealer Software

Taking Payments for BHPH Sales

Taking a payment; Interest Principal and Late Charges; moving payments to the end of the term for a buyer who is behind on payments. Printing receipts and Payment History.

Vehicle Inventory Management Software

Deferred Down Payments

Adjusting Negative Trade and Negative Down Payment with Deferred Down Payments. Adjusting the date of Regular Payments.

Used Car DMS

Related Finance Company

Setting your Related Finance Company in InterActive DMS. Entering sales as Outside Finance with your Related Finance Company as the lender.

Lease Here Pay Here Software

Lease Sale

Leasing a Vehicle. You keep the title in your name while the buyer is paying for the reduction in the value of the vehicle.

Rent To Own Software

Rent to Own Sale

Maintaining legal ownership of the vehicle while the customer makes regular rental payments. Customer will own the vehicle at the end of the term. Calculating the purchase option price prior to the end of the term.

Car Dealer Management Software

Making a Backup of Your Data

Making a Backup of Your Standard Program Data. How to be able to continue your business after losing all your data.

Auto Dealer Management Software

Side Notes

Additional amounts the Buyer now owes the Dealer e.g. Returned Check Fee, Credit Card Payment Fee, Repairs not covered.

Used Car Management Software

Adding Vehicles to your Website

Adding vehicles, options, notes, pricing and photos to your Valsoft hosted website directly from the InterActive DMS program.

Car Inventory System


Utilizing the various reports in the InterActive DMS program - customizing reports at no charge, by adding fields or grouping data in the report.

Car Inventory Management System

Letter Writer

Composing a letter to be sent to multiple buyers, using selected criteria and pulling data from the program.

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